Thursday, October 14, 2010

Justin Hines

An artist that I really like is Justin Hines. If you have never heard of him, here's a little bit of info on him. He is a Canadian singer-songwriter born in Newmarket, Ontario. He was born with a rare genetic disease called Larsen's Syndrome.
Because of this, he is confined to a wheelchair.
His interest in music started at an early age. Justin's first taste of success came at the age of 14 when he won a national contest against hundreds of others, and his first performance was in front of 17,000 people at a Toronto Raptors game. He has since released 3 albums, including a Christmas album, and his most recent, Chasing Silver was released in 2009. He has also founded the Justin Hines Foundation, which helps people with disabilities. Here's one of the songs from his most recent album "Chasing Silver", Courage (Come Out to Play). I hope you enjoy it.

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