Thursday, December 31, 2009

Y2K? Y2 Lame...

Do you remember what you were doing 10 years ago? Remember all the hype? All the planes were going to fall out of the sky, there was going to be blackouts, people were buying bottled water like crazy,we were all going to be stranded in elevators and everyone's computer was going to crash. Well, many us our still here and nothing happened because of Y2K. By the way, what was so hard about saying 2000 instead of Y2K? Another dumb abbreviation. Alas, like my friend Sandy, I digress. :)
After the 9/11 attack, people in New York and other major cities were afraid to go to the movies, go shopping, ride public transit, and even to step across their front door. While we did have a major blackout, and the attacks gave more people reason to be afraid, most of the fears were unfounded. It seems like every few years, the media finds some new thing to over hype, and to install what I call a controlled panic, in everyone. About 5 years ago it was SARS. This year it was H1N1. And also this year, although I'm sure it will increase as the time draws nearer, is the 2012 conspiracy. This is when the world is supposed to end, boys and girls. The end of the Mayan calender. Doom and Gloom. Death and Destruction. The End of Everything. The Boogie Man is coming. Hubba hubba hubba, who can you trust?
Yourself and your loved ones. Make up your own mind when you are observing the news. Believe in yourself and your own instincts. Don't believe everything you hear. All this crap brings negativity into your life and makes you stress out and worry for no reason. Believe in yourself, your family and friends and in love. We will all still be here enjoying our lives, despite the hype. And with that, here's a couple of great songs that make me feel good, and it's what life should be all about. I want to wish everyone a safe, happy and loving New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Memories

Here is a great clip of a great band. The Arrows featuring the late, great Earl Seymour on sax. He was an amazing musician, and I had the pleasure of seeing him play back in the late '80's or early '90's. Can't remember when, but I do remember the show. Lido's down in Toronto's Beaches district. Earl played with many local bands like The Kings, Glass Tiger, Red Rider, Holly Cole, Teenage Head to name a few. And he also played with Blood,Sweat and Tears, as well as a great local band called "The Men from UNCLE". RIP Earl. I wish I could see you play again. This one's for you B.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Independance Day

Often we have things bothering us. A bad relationship, a crummy job, no direction in your life or a boatload of other problems. The key to making a change is to recognize something that is not working in your life and to try and make it better. This takes a lot of soul searching and many times, it is a very hard decision to make. This is a concept I have been thinking about for the last couple of years or so. It is all about achieving your Independance Day. Once you have figured out the problem in your life, and are ready to move on, that is your Independance Day. This can happen at various points in our life. You could have lots of Independance Days or just one. Mine happens to be January 26, 2007. January 26, 2007 happens to be the day I met my soul mate and started my new life. This is the life that I and my partner deserved and wanted for a long time. There are also lots of small ones along the way as well. But your Independance Day doesn't have to be a major event. Whether it is getting fit, losing weight, quittting smoking, changing your job, ending or starting a relationship, or changing a life situation, acheiving your Independance Day(s) is something worth striving for and accomplishing. Plus it makes you feel good. Speaking of which, here is a great video that makes me feel good, it just happens to be Martina McBride's song "Independance Day". She is singing a duet with my favorite female singer Pat Benatar. Just listen to Pat belt out the chorus. What an awesome singer she is. Enjoy everyone and here is to your Independance Day. Cheers!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Most times when something is not right in our lives, Change is good. If it is your attitude, your job, your living situation, feeling negative about yourself, then you have to recognize what is not working for you and make that your goal. If it is a bad habit, then do something new long enough to become a new habit. The steps to bring about a change in your life are:

Self Recognition
Realization of Self Worth
A good self-image, or wanting a good self-image
Look in the mirror realistically (looking at yourself)
Reframing your priorities
Recognizing warning signs/patterns
Hard work and effort
Wanting to change, not doing it because someone told you to

It also starts with how we look at things and how we phrase things. Instead of saying "I hate when you do that" try to make it positive and constructive instead of argumentative. Try something like "It really makes me angry when you do that and this is why I feel this way". Maybe in not so many words, but you get the general idea. It is ok to be angry. It is a normal, healthy emotion just like being happy or sad. The trick is to realize what's coming and recognize the warning signs. Our bodies actually go through physical changes when anger is upon us. Blood pressure rises, we get short of breath, our voices rise, some people shake or cry. The anger inside of you is like a volcano getting ready to erupt. When you can realize what is happening then you can change your reaction and use your emotions constructively.
Communication with yourself and with others is also the key to change and improving your life. Sometimes it takes some pressure and suggestions from the main people in our lives. Sometimes it takes an ultimatum. Or an introspective look at ourselves and to realize things are not working in our lives. If you want to change bad enough, be positive, stay tough on yourself, persevere and work hard. The good things you are striving for will come into your life.