Sunday, December 6, 2009

Independance Day

Often we have things bothering us. A bad relationship, a crummy job, no direction in your life or a boatload of other problems. The key to making a change is to recognize something that is not working in your life and to try and make it better. This takes a lot of soul searching and many times, it is a very hard decision to make. This is a concept I have been thinking about for the last couple of years or so. It is all about achieving your Independance Day. Once you have figured out the problem in your life, and are ready to move on, that is your Independance Day. This can happen at various points in our life. You could have lots of Independance Days or just one. Mine happens to be January 26, 2007. January 26, 2007 happens to be the day I met my soul mate and started my new life. This is the life that I and my partner deserved and wanted for a long time. There are also lots of small ones along the way as well. But your Independance Day doesn't have to be a major event. Whether it is getting fit, losing weight, quittting smoking, changing your job, ending or starting a relationship, or changing a life situation, acheiving your Independance Day(s) is something worth striving for and accomplishing. Plus it makes you feel good. Speaking of which, here is a great video that makes me feel good, it just happens to be Martina McBride's song "Independance Day". She is singing a duet with my favorite female singer Pat Benatar. Just listen to Pat belt out the chorus. What an awesome singer she is. Enjoy everyone and here is to your Independance Day. Cheers!!


  1. I feel like Independance is around the corner for me, maybe!

  2. I need more independence days. Congrats on the future new baby!! That's so sweet. Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  3. @ A-S-C
    Love you too baby
    @ Barry
    @ Shane
    Hope it is coming for you as well. You deserve it.
    @ Melanie
    Just get it set in your mind to accomplish.