Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Memories

Here is a great clip of a great band. The Arrows featuring the late, great Earl Seymour on sax. He was an amazing musician, and I had the pleasure of seeing him play back in the late '80's or early '90's. Can't remember when, but I do remember the show. Lido's down in Toronto's Beaches district. Earl played with many local bands like The Kings, Glass Tiger, Red Rider, Holly Cole, Teenage Head to name a few. And he also played with Blood,Sweat and Tears, as well as a great local band called "The Men from UNCLE". RIP Earl. I wish I could see you play again. This one's for you B.


  1. Oh man, NOW you're talkin'! I love these guys, saw them live at Q107's CN Tower Rock Walk in the early eighties. I remember getting a couple minutes to chat with Earl at the Men From Uncle concert. He was SUCH a great musician. RIP indeed. It's too bad they disbanded.

    Dean McTaggart ("McTee") has done a bunch of work since then. I e-mailed him a few years ago, reminiscing about The Arrows and he responded. I've kept a Best of The Arrows CD in the car forever, it's a very rare release (about 2000 made) but you might be able to get a copy. Contact Dean at .

    Good info bud, I didn't realize Earl played with most of these people.

  2. Oh yeah, he played with a bunch of Cdn bands. I'm sure there is more, he was really great. I still have the Earl Seymour/Carlos Lopes CD

  3. I love watching 80's videos. The hair!!!! hehe.

    I wanted to stop by & wish you & your family a wonderful holiday season!!!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the video Melanie! I'll be posting more as the mood strikes me....