Saturday, August 29, 2009

F---U and the horse you rode in on...

How can people be so stupid.....

An aquaintance I wrote about in a previous post, has screwed up so badly that I wonder if they wanted to get caught. This person stayed at our house for a period of time, on our couch. Apparently, he said he was getting his life back on track.

This person, who (whom) I`ll identify as G., was also staying with mutual friends. It seems that G was charged with assault on his ex(more on that later). Part of his release, was a surety bond. Part of the guarantee, was no contact with the ex. Any violation of this, G could go back to jail. And our friends would have to pay over $1000.

G and his ex (who I'll identify as L) L, have a child that has been taken away from them. Well, G seemed to be getting better, taking his meds, doing some work, finding a new apartment etc. All this time, he was saying he was moving on, he wasn`t going back to L, blah blah blah.

In the last couple of weeks, G had started acting weird. It turns out that G was in contact with L. G and L knew it was against the order, but they communicated anyway.

He also totally disrespected the people he was staying with, and totally disrespected my partner who has been there for him more than anyone else. Everything he was saying was what everyone wanted to hear. So it ended when the police were called.

What I realized from this is that there are only certain people you can trust. And that there are other forms of addiction, that there is no help for.

I am very lucky that I have a circle of friends that I would trust with anything. Some here where I live, and some awesome long-time friends, B. from high school and his lovely wife S. But this person is done, so done. He will never be welcome here, or be involved with my family again. Some people are not with helping and not worth saving.


  1. Some people are beyond saving until they want to be helped.

  2. You can help anyone that doesn't want to be helped... and it's very disappointing. I know:( I went through a similar situation, but the guy didn't live with me. It eventually took him loosing EVERYTHING before he figured out the girl was INSANE. No need for I-told-you-so's... but it was quite frustrating!

  3. Thanks Cindy. He was more my partner's friend than mine, but yes it is very disappointing. And yes, the person in the equation is very much insane. But they are not worth wasting time and energy on. I have enough to deal with with my own depression, my partner's issues and keeping my family together....and keeping positive.