Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling OK

OK, so after that last post, and getting rid of all that negative energy, time to start feeling postive.
I never realized how exhausting, being around bad feelings, and negative thoughts and energies, and how it affects your body, spirit and mind. Blech!!!! I have never really believed in that stuff, auras and whatever. But Dayum!!! I felt like crap, after dealing with everything. One good thing, for two consecutive days, two totally different people, whom I just met, commented on how positive my aura was, and how positive my energy was.
I was at the same location both days, but it was two different people, who didn't interact at all. Yay for me!!! I feel good....da da da da da da da (James Brown eat your heart out). So after everything, the Lovely One and I just wanted to hibernate at home, and go off the grid for a while. Plus we were kid-less, yippee!! Ate too much junk food, stayed up late watching movies. But best of all, the Lovely One and I just had a chance to hang out together, which was great. All in all, it was a good weekend.
The Lovely One attended a Body Works session which I think will be really good for her.
She has been having a rough time lately, being very emotional and stressed, and not exactly feeling up to par. She seems to feeling pretty good and feeling relaxed. It's a good thing.
Positive====Good. Negative========Bad!!!
Anyway that's it for now guys and gals. Yap at you later


  1. Tone-man,

    It's nice to hear you talking positive. Surround yourself with people like that and it rubs off, f'real.

    I love your aura bud, but it's chartreuce. So you lose two points on the coolness scale too. Nyah. :p

  2. Tony! I can't remember the last time I heard you talking so positively! Way to go! Keep it up man. Life's so much better on the positive side.

    I went through about 2 or 3 years of a LOT of negativity. Work was one of the worst parts but there was a lot going on with my Mom. and the more negative I was, the more negative I became.

    The good news ... since I've changed my habits and attitude ... positivity does the same thing as negativity. the more you are, the more you become.

    Rock on man!

  3. Yeah, I can't remember last time I said something positive. Feels better for a change. It's a day to day battle, but I'll keep trying. Thanks guys!!