Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP....Icons of My Youth

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way. The people I enjoyed watching and listening to, are passing on. It makes me realize my own mortality, and that our idols are as vulnerable as we are. And it has been people who were very talented, and that have left us way too soon.
Some of the people on my list that I miss

Patrick Swayze
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson (yes, admit it. You liked him back in the day)
Jeff Healey
John Ritter
Robert Palmer
John Hughes
Christopher Reeve
Stevie Ray Vaughn
John Candy
Michael Hutchence
Chris Farley (never really a fan, but still he left us too soon)
Phil Hartman
John Belushi
Gilda Radner
George Harrison
Roy Orbison
Brad Delp (lead singer of Boston)
George Carlin
Kirby Puckett

There are of course many others who have passed on. While it is also sad when older stars die, such as Johnny Carson, Bob Hope etc., I think when celebrities reach a certain age, say over 70, the public figures that it is "just a matter of time" and that "they lived a good life". But it is harder when a celebrity is closer to our own age. It seems more tragic when a star is relatively young. And we look back and see photos, and clips and we think "How can he (she) be dead?"
If you look at the clip of Patrick Swayze on Saturday Night Live, doing the Chippendale's sketch, or in "Roadhouse", you think "How can he die of cancer?" How can someone that seemed so vital and full of life die at such a (relatively) young age? Fortunately, for us we have the music, the performances and the benefits of their careers to enjoy.

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  1. ...and so we must seize the day and live happily. It's all we've got:) It was just their time. I struggle with death a whole lot although I know it is part of living. But the feelings of futility do creep up on me once in a while. Like I said, carpe diem and follow your dreams!