Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm very happy with myself. I have been stalking this guy for months. I would see him when I was out walking my dog. Sometimes, off in the distance. Sometimes up close. Always trying to get a picture. I would run back to the house, and grab the camera, yelling "I saw him!!" The Lovely One shook her head and rolled her eyes. So off I went. And then on the way back, as soon as I got close enough to take a picture, he would take off. It was like he could hear me turning on the camera, hear the shutter opening. Turning his head as I zoomed the lens in closer, then high-tailing it out of there. Once in a while, I would go to his hang out and just observe. It was usually in the early evening when he would appear. Sometimes it was mid-afternoon. A couple of times, he was standing there taunting me. Daring me to try and get closer. As soon as I took the dog back home, because if I approached him with the dog in tow, the dog would probably bark and scare him off, I would be off to try and take a few pictures. I was partially successful earlier this summer. As I approached my elusive prey, off he would go. Then I tried getting to him from the other direction. No luck there either. I ended up taking a few pictures, but I was too far away. And he looked like a greyish smudge in the pictures. So on Thursday this week, I was out on my afternoon stroll with the mutt, and there he was. Standing there, so regal and proud. Unaware that his stalker was gazing upon him. I quickly took the pooch back home, grabbed the camera. Hopefully, he was still there. I got back to his favourite spot, and as luck would have it, he was still standing there. I quietly made my way up to him. Cursing the camera to be quiet, I got him on screen, and he turned his back on me. Standing there sweating in the afternoon sun, I was whispering "Come on, you S.O.B. Turn around!" Finally he did. I zoomed in once, and snapped my prize. Then I zoomed in closer, and was blessed with another picture. Because of the bright daylight, I couldn't really see the pics on the camera until I got back home. Once I did, I was very pleased I had captured my prey. The elusive Blue Heron.

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  1. Wow very cool. Congrats man, your tenacity paid off!

    I remember years ago I was in a similar situation. I laid motionless in my backyard for eight days, trying to get even just one picture of a certain elusive bird.

    Then I realized there are no Sumatran Ground Cuckoos in Canada so I left.