Monday, November 30, 2009


Some people just shouldn't be on this planet. A certain person that I am forced to deal with on a daily basis, still irritates me to no end. This person happens to be my child's mother. She always is complaining and bitching about something. This past weekend, my child was here. Usually I call every night when my child is at their mother's house. And my ex phones here. Because it is long distance and we were visiting friends on Saturday, I texted her that we were out, and my child could text her to say goodnight.
I don't like using my cell for long distance, and I wasn't going to impose on my friends by borrowing their phone. Beside's if my ex has call display, I don't want her having my friends phone number. She texted me back saying it wasn't her problem that I didn't want to call long distance and that it was too much money on my cell, she should be able to speak to my child. What she so stupidly forgotten was that her phone was cutoff for about 2 months, and the only way I could contact my child was once a week, by prior arrangement. I never bitched about it. Although I hated it.
Also this past weekend, I paid my monthly child support. Personally, I think it is bingo and cigarette support. Since I have been out of work for awhile, I was paying it in 2 installments. And that was fine. Yes, even though I was unemployed, I went through all the crappy court paperwork, to have my child support lowered, and I still observed my responsibilities. For the month of December, I paid it in one payment, with Christmas coming, plus the second cheque would have been dated around Dec 25 or so, and I didn't want her complaining about not being able to cash the second cheque until around New Year's. Plus, I also got texted, "Make sure I get my money on Sunday". Excuse me, it's my child's money. Well, it's to be used on her. You get the idea. So what did I get tonight when I phoned? In a bitchy voice, "Why did you change the child support?" Holy crap! Jeez, you're welcome for getting the money all at once this time. Maybe you can use a portion of it to buy my child some decent Christmas presents instead of going to the Dollar Store. You know, it's no wonder I have been going to Anger Management. I don't like wishing bad things on anyone, especially this time of year. But honest to God, sometimes I pray for a runaway bus. I just hope Karma is keeping watch on this situation. What goes around comes around..........I hope. Now, I have to go blog something positive.

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