Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

I have been feeling pretty good for the last week or so, for a change. Our friend M has been hanging out here while he gets his life back on track. We ended up having a kid-less weekend for Easter. YAY!!! Went to S&J's and rocked out playing Rockband on Friday. Saturday we headed to Ajax to see my great, longtime friends B&S, whom I recently got back in touch with. Great conversation, and awesome food was the order of the day. Thanks guys!! We'll do it again soon! After losing track of time (good times will do that), we headed out at 11:30pm to head to downtown TO. The Lovely One wanted to go to a bar where one of her old friends was DJ'ing. (Is that a proper word?). So, being the good sport I am, we went. Our musical tastes are quite different, but I figured this was brownie points for later (Heh heh). Some stoned-out guy there offered to buy me a drink. I was like "Thanks dude, but I'm ok". He was kinda weird. Got home around 430 am, after having 2 double cheeseburgers at MCD's at 4am. Yummy breakfast!!
Since my rock-star juices were flowing, headed back to S&J's for more Rockband. Crazy M got his hair re-styled and dyed, the lovely one got her bangs cut, S. gave J.a mohawk then shaved him to the wood, and I wrecked my throat trying to be Roger Daltry. All in all, an awesome weekend with our most cared about friends.


  1. You could post your rockstar pose pic in your blog update you know...


  2. It was great to have you guys over. Thanks for compliments...we love having friends over. Next time, we'll be able to sit on the patio for dinner and hang out on the deck ... hopefully it'll be warm enough. Cheeseburgers at 4 AM? OMG T .. what were you thinking! It was great meeting "the lovely one". We're looking forward to hanging out again soon.

  3. Sandy - we were thinking we were hungry again ;> And we pass the East/West McD's on our way home.

    We are definitely looking fwd to deck/patio hang-outage as it gets warmer :>

  4. I hate to tell you this S.C., but McD's at 4am does not help the weight loss goals....one in a while's ok though. Have a great one you two crazy kids.