Monday, April 20, 2009

Healing Music

When I broke up from my daughter's mother towards the end of 2005, I was left with a lot of really bad feelings, ranging from hurt, anger, betrayal, feeling played for a fool, shock etc.
Being a big music fan (although my tastes are pretty limited, some would say...) one of the ways that I sought out to start feeling better was through music. There were many long lonely nights, after putting my daughter SJ to bed that were spent listening to downloaded music and CD's.

One of my favourite albums at the time was "Disciplined Breakdown" by Collective Soul. I found the lyrics and the music soul-healing, especially one song in particular "Link". The chorus of the song was meaningful for me and I adopted the phrase as my quote to help me make it through the dark days.
With my anger well diffused
The link to love I now may choose
With my heart no more abused
The link of love I now may use

I printed this out, and taped it to the inside cover of a journal I was writing at the time. I also listened to a lot of
BB King, my main song being a great one called "There's Always One More Time". It is one of his best songs, that starts off slow, but has soaring vocals and his trademark playing of Lucille, and I found the song very inspirational. Another fav band is Simple Minds, and the song "Sanctify Yourself". The line "Set yourself free" was another personal motto that I took as my own to help myself feel better. There was lots of other songs, and other artists, of course, but those are the main ones that come to my mind.


  1. I had a lot of music I listened to - to help me get through tough times. Though me leaving DS didn't require a LOT of music and some of that was tied in with my Mom dying.

    Numb by Linkin Park was on the radio constantly and it definitely fit with the slow end of my marriage, I also heard it a lot when I was driving to see Mom in palliative care.

    Broken by Seether *always* makes me think of Mom dying.

    As does anything from Alan Jackson's greatest hits CD (so I am thankful I was not a country fan) since that is what was played instead of hymns at Mom's funeral.

    Livin' on Love can bring me to tears.

    I would be really curious to hear more of the songs that helped get you through that dark time.

    Love you!

  2. Any Britney Spears in there T?

    Ha ha ha!!


  3. No, no Brittany. Something weird about someone who looks like she does, but with a strange voice.....