Monday, April 27, 2009

I Don't Get It.....

Sometimes I wonder about people....I have an acquaintance/friend I will call Q. He is with the mother of his child currently. I will call her Z. Their relationship is stormy at the best of times. They have both had their problems, both mental and physical, as well as addiction. Personally, I think the best thing for Q is to totally call it quits with Z, figure out visitation/custody of the child, and move on with his life. Z has mood swings that shift from minute to minute, or that's how it appears to me. Although I could be wrong. I barely know Z. But I can see enough, that I think that Q would be better off without Z. He says that it is over between them (or has said it), but it seems they are sort-of, kind of, maybe/maybe not together again. Q is a decent looking guy (all I can say, coming from a hetero point of view). Maybe he feels that she is the best he can do? I understand that he loves Z, but sometimes you can't be a rescuer. I guess sometimes you can't figure out the power some people hold over other people, and that there are different forms of being addicted, not just drugs or alcohol. But Q and Z are both adults, and although my partner has known Q almost forever and is very fond of him, I think both her and I realize that you have to let people live their lives and make mistakes. Dealing with other people's stress and problems just brings it into your own life. Hopefully, Q and Z can figure out something that works for them, and they can get the help they need and move on. I guess the main point here is for them to clean up, smarten up, and try and be good parents for their young one.


  1. Healthy attitude T. We have a friend who kinda went through a similar thing. It was so hard to watch this person settle for someone so far below what they deserved. Our friend is much happier now and with an awesome partner. As I learned many years ago ... sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of toads to find your prince or princess. Rock on man!

  2. I think I might know who you mean.... ;)

  3. Yeah, that guy lucked out with a wild chick. Really like her! :)